Remove your private number from Stripe transactions

Get a dedicated support phone number for your Stripe account with ZebraFone

When customers don’t recognize a transaction, their next step is to call the phone number in the statement descriptor. If this call goes unanswered or arrives at a personal mailbox, a costly chargeback is likely next.

With ZebraFone, your customers are professionally greeted and provided information about your business and what you sell. If customers still have questions they can leave a voicemail which is emailed to you instantly.

Avoid Chargebacks

ZebraFone gives your customers instant clarity for unfamiliar charges, without having to call their bank

Customize your greeting so customers have all the information they need, making it easy for them to understand and trust your charges

Keep Your Personal Number Private

Present a professional image to your customers, without exposing your personal phone number on receipts and bank statements

Reduce Interruptions

Relax and enjoy your personal time, knowing that your customer calls are being handled professionally and efficiently

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